Theatre, Yiddish, Disability and Mental Illness, LGBTQ+

The Narrow Bridge


This new immersive experimental theatre work by Vancouver theatre artist Ariel Martz-Oberlander explores the themes of the classic 1912 Yiddish play The Dybbuk and why it is so indelible in the Jewish theatre repertoire.

In collaboration with Chimerik, a digital multimedia collective and shadow puppetry company Mind of a Snail, the work depicts a rich and beautiful world infused with cultural practices and joyful survival.

Pomarantz’s approach frames “healing” not as an individual and linear journey, but as a collective political and cultural act, which is messy, strange, circular, ancestral, shattering, transformative and ongoing with a primarily Jewish creative team finding their place in the Canadian Mad arts community as early career artists. Full information about accessibility options is listed below.

Show Credits:

Ariel Martz-Oberlander; Devorah Vogt; Chloe Ziner; Jessica Gabriel; Jullianna Oke; Cindy Mochizuki; Cindy Kao; Vanka Salim; Dan Loan; Caroline MacCaull; Anna Brew; Benji Eisenberg; Tamar Tabori; Amitai Marmorstein

Co-presented with the Sidney & Gertrude Zack Gallery

Accessibility options included at the show:

  • Relaxed environment

  • Flexible seating

  • Separate quiet space

  • Content and sensory warnings

  • Wheelchair accessible venue

  • Wheelchair accessible & gender neutral washrooms

A visual guide to attending the show can be accessed here

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